Wednesday, October 10, 2012 that a new book cover?

A RE-RELEASE that a new book cover?

Yes. The Pursuit of a King was originally published in 2010. Since that time, I've "gone indie" with three sequels. The first book was available most widely in print, and the three sequels were available most widely as eBooks. To provide more of a sense of unity for the series--same sizes for the print books, same retailers offering all four books in the same format, etc.--I decided to "go indie" with the first book, too. I re-released it in October of 2012.

So, yes, the cover is new. The gold crown on the purple background is the original; the jester hat on the purple background is the new edition. Also, I added a subtitle to the first book to match the sequels--The Pursuit of a King (A Tale of Wisdom).

But the changes go a bit beyond the cover. The story is the same, but the newer edition has been revised to match the sequels stylistically. I wrote the three sequels immediately after writing the first book, but the revisions that gave a stronger shape to the sequels happened a year or two later. And when the first book was published, the fourth book had not yet been written. The changes are subtle, though--fewer exclamation points and contractions, more concise descriptions...surface-level differences. The message of the story--the heart of the story--is unaltered. :)